SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

SELL Games 2019 host, Kaunas Lithuania welcomes student athletes

Kaunas, Lithuania, host this years SELL Games. Games are organized by the Lithuanian students sports association every four years. Staff from the association work full time and in addition about 10 people are hired for part time positions.

Work happens in four year cycles, but the pace accelerates in the fall before the games. This year the game office at Kaunas tells that they are a bit behind their normal schedule, but with years of experience helps catching up.  

Registration for the Kaunas games is open now and you can register till April. For more information, please visit  They are expecting about 1000 – 1500 participants to the games.

How local schools or universities participate in organizing the games? “Local universities provide sports halls and other places to the use of the games free of charge” says the secretary general Mrs. Indre Celkiene. So lets move to financing the game – Kaunas games are funded by the ministry of sciences and sport, some sport halls are funded by Kaunas city municipality and they have also received funding from sponsors.

The logo of the Kaunas 2019 games is a pretty heart – where does it originate Secretary General Celkiene? “ its’s a long story but keeping it short the games brings together all four countries that generates one big heart.¨

More information, please visit