SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Interview of Event Manager

The SELL Student Games is one of the largest international University sports events in the world. Every year there are approximately 1200 participants who compete in 12-15 different disciplines. Lahti University of Applied Sciences is hosting the next SELL Games in Lahti on 15-17.5.2020. This year the event organization consists mostly of students and we would like to introduce some of our amazing crew members. Here is an interview with our Event Manager Linda.

Tell a little bit of yourself? How did you get into this project?

I’m Linda Kankare, 22 years old student and I’m studying tourism and hospitality management. I just started my third year in Lahti UAS and the SELL Games project will be my last study module before my graduation.
In my studies I’ve mainly focused in events, event planning, event management etc. so this project felt right for me.

What kind of expectations do you have from this project?

For me it’s important to learn new abilities and I want to improve my knowledge about event planning and management, so that is what I’m expecting for SELL Games project. Working in this project is also a good way to meet new people, work with other students from different faculties and create new contacts.

What benefits do you gain by being in this project? Do you get some credits for your studies or maybe internship… or something else, what?

For me this project is a really good opportunity to do my internship. Also working in projects gives new perspective for studies, because students can learn different skills in practice preparing them for their future work field.

What challenges can there be when working in this kind of project?

The idea in this project is that “students do for students”, so I think that the main challenge in this kind of project is to find those students who have the time to be part of the project. Many students have internships elsewhere or they are doing their thesis or other courses etc. at the same time while working in SELL Games project, so it’s not simple to find the time for meetings for example.
SELL Games is an international event, and that can be a challenge in some ways. For example, there could be some problems with language barriers. Nevertheless, in my opinion internationality is an opportunity to learn about other cultures and meet new people.

How would you activate or encourage to other students and Lahti UAS’ employees to take part in this project and event?

SELL Games 2020 project is different from the previous year SELL Games, because this time the project will be mainly maintained by students, so this is a good chance to be part of something new! This project is also a significant event for Lahti UAS so in my opinion we should do this together as a community despite if you are a student or a teacher.

What is the way that Lahti SELL Games 2020 will stand out and shine through from other competitions? What are the reasons why everybody should experience this event and project?

SELL Games 2020 will stand out in many ways. For example, there will be some new sports, that haven’t been in SELL Games before, some of our technological solutions are created just for the upcoming event and we will do our best to make sure, that the team services will be the most efficient.