SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Interview of Marketing and Communication Manager

Here is our Marketing and Communication Manager, Minna Pajunen.

Tell something about yourself and how did you get into this project?

My name is Minna, I’m a first-year business and hospitality student from Lahti UAS. I’m especially interested in event production and when I heard about the SELL Games -project, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and see how these kinds of competitions are organized. SELL Games 2020 is an international event so that makes it even more interesting.

What are the marketing challenges in SELL Games 2020?

Marketing and communication is a big entity, and luckily I have a really good team with me. Here in Lahti UAS, we need to market this event on two different sides: we need to contact athletes to market the event, and crew members to realize the event. We are doing our best to make SELL Games a better-known event and get more students to join our Event crew. Of course, one challenge is, is that when we have an international event, and we need to do marketing both here in Finland and worldwide. SELL Student Games is one of the biggest university sports events in the world, so there is quite a big field to cover with marketing. But me and my team are ready for the challenge!

What channels are you using?

We are making all the marketing materials like flyers, posters and digital materials ourselves. We have an amazing Graphic Design and content -teams that has created our SELL Games look and feel for the games. Our website is almost ready to launch, and our social media channels Facebook and Instagram are open. It has been really rewarding to be involved and create so many different channels.

Is all this made by students or do you have some cooperative companies to help?

SELL Games 2020 is an event that is mainly made by students for students. We have so much know-how in different faculties here at Lahti UAS, that we can manage almost everything here by students. For example, the event brand and website are made by our own students. I think it is great that students can take part in this project and make things happen, just like in real work life situations. Even though we can make a lot by ourselves we are cooperating more and more with different companies, and we warmly welcome everyone to participate SELL Games 2020!

What has been the best thing so far making SELL games 2020? How would you encourage other students to take part in this project?

The best thing is this crew and team, and the feeling that we are doing this together. There are so many amazing people in this project that I wouldn’t probably ever meet without this. I am also getting a lot of experience in the marketing field and event production. Although it takes a lot of work to make this event happen, I truly think it will be worth it!