SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Interview of HR Manager

Here is our crew member Essi, our HR Manager!

Tell a little about yourself, and how did you get into this project?

I’m Essi and I study my last year of cultural management in Humak University of Applied Sciences. During my studies, I have participated in theater and museum projects, but my main interest is in event management.
I found SELL Games through our competition manager Karoliina. We were both involved in another project and I happened to mention that I was looking for a place for the last internship of my studies. An international sports event sounded like a new, interesting experience to me, so I decided to join the crew.

What are all the things that you have to consider in this kind of project? Any challenges?

Events are always wide projects that require precise planning, yet there can still be surprising plot twists. I think it’s important to prepare for everything as thorough as you can and try to keep calm in tricky situations.
In my own perspective, there are also some challenges. My goal is to recruit around 450 students and introduce the project to them. It may be quite challenging since LAMK is a foreign organization to me and I don’t have much previous experience in HR. However, I’m very excited to see this side of event management as well!

What has been the best thing so far and what are your expectations from SELL Games 2020?

I started only a few weeks ago, so I have mainly planned on how to start the recruitment process and learned where the project is going. The best thing has been to get to know the event crew and see how great this event will be. I expect that SELL Games 2020 will be awesome and it will also strengthen the image of Lahti as a sports city.

How would you encourage other students to take part in this project?

It may be difficult for some students to see events as a relevant work environment in their fields. I personally think that events are great platforms for multi-field co-operation where you can use your unique expertise for the mutual goal. I hope I can deliver this message to the students and encourage them to participate.