SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Preparations for SELL Games 2020 begins

International SELL Games 2020 student sport games are organized in Lahti, Finland in May 15 – 17.2020. The host to the games is Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Jan 1, 2020 to be LAB University of Applied Sciences).

SELL Games is on of the largest and most international student sport events in in Finland and in the Baltic countries. Event is organized by each SELL country (Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The games organized in May 2020 are the 36 in order. Participants come from all over the world but mainly from Finland and the Baltic countries.

A delegation from Lahti University of Applied Sciences with its President Turo Kilpeläinen received the official game flag from Kaunas  game organization. ”Getting to host an international student sport games in Lahti at this point when the University of Applied Sciences and the LUT-University are strengthening their presence and cooperation in Lahti is significant. Lahti has a strong reputation as a sports city so hosting over a thousand international students will show on the streets of Lahti in May 2020. Games will be executed in cooperation with the city of Lahti” says the president of Lahti University of Applied Science mr. Turo Kilpeläinen.

The games will be organized within strong cooperation with local sports teams. So far discgolf, mölkky, and orienteering, for the first time eSports is an official sport in the games.

Light the fire – Join us – Preparations strat now!

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