SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

SELL Games 2020 organization is recruiting

SELL Games 2020 organization started working full-time basis and recruiting crew members in early September 2019. SELL Games event organization is now about 30 people. We have recruited students almost every faculty here at Lahti UAS. We are truly making this event by the students for the students. Lahti UAS staff is devoted and excited to have these competitions here in Lahti Finland. We have now officially announced our disciplines for the games and we have many sports club organizing the games with us.

Lahti city is kindly taking part in the arrangement by offering some event venues and we have many cooperations going on with local companies.

Marketing is going strongly ahead and our roadshow is including about 15 universities in Finland. Internationally we are connecting universities and sending information more and more as we go forward. We want to promote and make this event better known and get athletes to participate SELL Games 2020 worldwide.

This website is also made by students and we are so proud to finally launch it. Our social media channels are Instagram and Facebook, there you can stay tuned and follow our journey to the SELL Games 2020.

Still a lot of work to do, but we are ready for the challenge!! Light the Fire!