SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Meet Zest, SELL Games 2020 mascot

Meet Zest, the enthusiastic mascot of SELL Games 2020! A mix of a brown hare and a lynx, the municipal animal of Häme, Zest has roots in Finnish nature. As a city animal, it feels also right at home in the modern, digital world, and loves all sports from football and gymnastics to e-sports. Zest is playful and friendly, and it’s always ready to cheer for all athletes and players. It loves to be in the middle of action and gets excited easily. It’s passionate and doesn’t give up, and this fiery nature manifests in the flames in its ears and tail.

On its free time, Zest likes to run in the outdoor areas of Lahti, surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. It greets enthusiastically everyone that comes its way and likes to challenge people into playful matches in different sports. Being a little mischievous, it’s also been known to start snowball fights with people in the winter. Despite always trying its best, Zest doesn’t care if it wins or loses in the end – the most important thing is to have fun together!

Zest can’t wait for the games to begin and to meet athletes from all over the world!