SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled.

Interview of the President of LAB University of Applied Sciences

Turo Kilpeläinen is the president of LAB University of Applied Sciences.

You are the first president of the University of Applied Sciences who has the honor of hosting the international SELL Games 2020 for students in May 2020. How is this possible and how does it make you feel?

LAb’s active role in the activities of student sports, aiming students’ physical activity and well-being nationally and internationally opened up the possibility of organizing competitions that we naturally wanted to take.

How do you see the games benefit LAB and it’s international affairs?

The SELL Games provide a platform not only showcasing the sports infrastructure we have here in Lahti but also our know-how in organizing such large-scale competitions. We Finns do what we promise. Bringing people to us is the best way to build bridges between nations, universities, and individuals.
SELL Games 2020 is definitely one of the biggest international event what we have ever organized. The value of this project is that we can offer a study program that unites different faculties and students.

How would you encourage our international partners to participate?

As universities, we have an important role to educate our students for future work life. This is not only true in substance wise but also culturally and intellectually. This means that promoting participation in competitions such as SELL Games we make it possible to build lifelong memories and friends for individuals.

SELL Games 2020 is having a 12 different disciplines and they are organized in co-operating with local sports clubs. How do you see the benefits of this co-operation to LAB?

Lahti is a sports city and we have a long history of organizing sports events. I think this collaboration gives the atmosphere of togetherness to the whole city of Lahti, not just LAB. And doing things together we develop this city more united. By working together, we are building a better and evolving Lahti city, that will benefit us all.

What ways are you, yourself, participating in organizing the games or in the event? Maybe we see you at some of our exhibition games?

I’m definitely taking the challenge if it comes to me, so bring it on, I am ready! I’m willingly participating in all the prework and different kinds of duties during the event. Doing together, staff and students make me very exited and I enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness.