General regulations

SELL Games 2020 shall be open for participation for university students with a valid student ID or other document that can prove his/her student status. Students who graduated in 2019 can also participate. All participants shall represent their own university. There is no age limit for the participants. In case of team sports, the players of each team must be from the same university.

Insurance and medical services

The participants must have the appropriate and valid insurance to cover their travel and participation at the competitions, personal insurances are NOT the responsibility if organizer. First aid is arranged at the competition venues for all the accredited persons.


All participants must be ready for doping control.

Privacy policy for photography

All participants with their participation are here by informed and agree that audio, video and pictures are taken during SELL Student Games 2020. Their face and body can be published by organizers without participants’ personal signature or/and other agreement. If not –please contact organizers at