All protests regarding the process and execution of competitions or actions of competitors will be solved by the Head Referee in accordance with the laws of the international regulations of that sport event.

If the solution of the Head Referee is not satisfying the protest must be submitted in written form (with 50€ caution money) within half an hour after the end of the competition or game, which caused the protest, in the corresponding sport’s secretariat. If protesting succeeds the caution money will be refunded. Later protests shall not be satisfied.

All protests regarding the results must be submitted during the day of the competition in the accreditation center.

All questions and protests shall be answered and the final decision made by the Protest Committee consisting of the Head of the Games, the Head of Sport, the Responsible of the Sport, the Head Referee, the Secretary General and the official representative of the Estonian Academic Sports Federation. The coaches/representatives of the teams in question are also obliged to present during the discussion process in addition to the Protest Committee.