Registration details

The registration has to be done only through one responsible person from each university. Therefore, registration of an individual participant is not accepted, unless the athlete is the only one from that university. The registration is done in two parts:

The first part is general and quantitative, to examine the number of participants for each discipline and preliminary information for team services (catering, accommodation and local transport). This part will not generate an invoice. You will receive a link with which you can return to your registration.

The second part is qualitative to collect individual information of each participant. Due to the restrictions of the registration program, it is not possible to fill the form in parts. For large groups you can make separate registrations, but there will be a separate invoice for each registration. You can get acquainted with the questions here. The second part of the registration will also generate an invoice.


  • 15.3.2020 – The general and quantitative registration. Giving the intent of the school to participate and specifying the number of participants for each sport.
  • 15.4.2020Qualitative individual registration. Confirming the number of participants for each sport and giving detailed information of each member of the delegation. The invoice is generated.

Entry fees

Registering before 15 April 2020

  • SELL countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) – 30 € / person / day
  • Other countries – 40 € / person / day

Registering after 15 April 2020

  • SELL countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) – 40 € / person / day
  • Other countries – 50 € / person / day

The entry fee includes:

  • participation in the competitions
  • catering three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • entrance to all competitions, SELL cultural activities and ceremonies

Extra sports fee: If the athlete wants to take part in several sports, the athlete must pay 10€ per each extra sport.

Means of payment

We prioritize credit card payment. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Make sure you have CVR-code at hand when filling in the second part of the registration. You can request a Pdf-invoice in the second part of the registration.


You can cancel your participation without cost by April 15, 2020. If the cancellation is done after April 15, 50 % of the total cost will be charged. Individual athletes can cancel without cost after April 15, 2020, only with a valid medical certificate. Adding a team after April 15, 2020, can only be done in exceptional cases, if agreed by the Organizing Committee.

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