Rules of Basketball  


Basketball will be played in the following series: Women and Men.  

Time and place

  • May 15 – 17, 2020
  • Suurhalli & Salpausselkähalli,
    Salpausselänkatu 7, 15110 Lahti
  • Länsiharjun koulu
    Helsingintie 52, 15700 Lahti
  • Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
    Svinhufvudinkatu 8, 15110 Lahti


Official rules of the FIBA are followed.  


Maximum of 12 players and 2 officials per team.  


Matches in pools are 4 periods of 8 minutes each (4×8 min, effectively measured). Break between quarters is 1 min and halftime is 2 min.  

If the score is tie after regular time, overtime is played with sudden death.  

Group System

Teams are divided into two groups (if more than 6 teams). Two best teams in groups play semi-finals and winner of semi-finals play in the final and losing teams in the bronze match.

On group stage, team gets 2 points from win and 0 points from lose. If teams are tied after games, winner is decided with 1) scoring or 2) draw.  

Final Matches

In final matches (bronze and final) men’s and women’s teams are playing 4 quarters each 10 minutes long (4×10 min, effectively measured). If the score is tied after regular time, overtime is played with sudden death.  


If team fouls are full (five team fouls), opposite team is awarded with two free throws.  


Each team have 1 timeout per half.  

The teams must enter the names of the players on the score sheet 15 minutes before the start of the game.

Each team should have their own balls for warm-up.  

It is on the teams’ responsibility to have game suits in two different colors.  

Number of the player must be visible on the game suit.  

Organizers are not responsible for the insurance of the participants.

Organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to these rules.