Time and place

  • May 15 – 17, 2020
  • M19 Kampus,
    Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules

Maximum of 16 teams 

Game server is 128 tick. 

Tournament format is double elimination. 

Players are required to read the regulations and follow them during the tournament. Players are to show sportsmanlike behaviour during the games and after the games.

All types of cheating is forbidden as in using unauthorised programs, looking at the stream or providing information to the players from the audience.

Referee/admin of the tournament can pause the game in certain situations which need instant action. (Technical issue, emergency)

Referees choose the penalty for the violations of the rules. These include but are not solely:

  • Warning
  • Losing the game
  • Removal of a player or a team from the tournament
  • Removal of a player or team from the event

General rules 

  • Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, latest version.
  • Team size: 5 actual players.
  • Team can change 2 reserve players before attending to the tournament.
  • One player can only be in one team during the tournament.
  • VoIP software is allowed. Tournament organizers may provide Mumble-server for players in the final tournament.
  • Any software that modifies game files or grants an unfair advantage in the game is strictly forbidden and is grounds for immediate removal from the tournament.
  • Players can use their own gaming paraphernalia (keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset and in-ear headphones).
  • Players must have a valid CS:GO licence on their personal Steam account for tournament play unless stated otherwise.
  • Screen names and pictures. Players must use their official screen name throughout the tournament.Pictures related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling or adult entertainment at the end of the name are not allowed. Players must use a stream-friendly Steam profile picture, preferably a team logo or self portrait.
  • Referee has unlimited power to decide if something is deemed inappropriate content.
  • During a game, team members are only allowed to communicate with persons involved with the game: team players, team coach (only during timeout and between the games), and tournament officials such as admins.
  • Team is assumed to be present in time according to the tournament schedule. If the players are not present and ready, referee can rule the match as forfeit.
  • Every member of team must be in same university.
  • Only one team per university is allowed.
  • Under extreme circumstances administrators reserve the right to change the rules.

Game rules

  • Game mode: mr15
  • Total of 30 rounds, switching sides at halftime (after 15th round).
  • First team to win 16 rounds on actual game time wins the match.
  • Start money: $800
  • Round time: 1 minute 55 seconds.
  • Freeze time: 15 seconds
  • If a map ends in a tie, an overtime will be played.
  • Teams will continue on the same sides as in actual game time.
  • First team to win 4 rounds on overtime wins the match. Game mode: mr3.
  • Start money: $16 000
  • Overtime is played until the winner is clear.
  • A player is forbidden to use any kinds of scripts including jumps script. However Purchase script and grenade script are allowed to use.

ATTENTION. Alias-scripts are forbidden. These are for example using multiple different commands in a single button. If a alias-script will be found from any other than meant for buying or throwing a grenade, it’s forbidden. Binding multiple actions to single button is allowed.

  • Using mouse or keyboard macro feature is forbidden.
  • A player is forbidden to leave the game server before the end of the match. This does not include technical difficulties (for example scoreboard bug).
  • A player is forbidden to plant or drop the bomb to that kind of the place where other player is not able to defuse or pick it up alone.


  • The game will be paused between the half-time.
  • Every team has one (1) 30 seconds tactical timeout once per half-time. In other words every team has two (2) tactical timeouts per match.
  • The tactical timeout must be called ingame chat to referee/admin during ongoing round.
  • The tactical timeout begins at the start of the round before the freeze time.
  • Team that has taken the tactical timeout can continue the game before 30 seconds are up by informing referee/admin that they are ready to go at in game chat.
  • In case a technical issue game will be paused at beginning of the next round.
  • If a player faces technical issues, the game may be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which the game will resume regardless of that player’s ability to play.
  • In case a technical issue has happened in 15 seconds from beginning of the round AND before the first kill, referee/admin can reset the round if possible. Otherwise the round will be played to the end.


Map pool 

  • de_dust2 
  • de_inferno 
  • de_vertigo 
  • de_overpass 
  • de_train 
  • de_nuke 
  • de_mirage 

Map picks will be handled as follows.


  • Team who will start banning will be decided by a coin flip (team A) and which team will ban as second (team B)
  • A(team) ban
  • B(team) ban
  • A(team) ban
  • B(team) ban
  • A(team) ban
  • B(team) Decides map that will be played from two remaining options.
  • A(team) decides which side they will pick.


  • Team who will start banning will be decided by a coin flip (team A) and which team will ban as second (team B). A(team) chooses the side on B(team)s map and vice versa.
  • A(team) ban
  • B(team) ban
  • A(team) pick
  • B(team) pick
  • A(team) ban
  • B(team) ban

Last map will be the decider map. A(team) will choose the side.

Streaming & broadcasts 

  • The games will be streamed on
  • Players are not allowed to stream their point of view to any stream services during the qualifiers or the finals.

Hearthstone rules

Tournament structure

  • Tournament will be played in SELL Games in Lahti using most recent build of Hearthstone.
  • Players must compete with standard-format Hearthstone decks. Decklist must be provided to tournament organizers 24 hours before tournament starts. Failing to do so will result in automatic disqualification.
  • All matches will be played on Europe server.
  • Tournament organizers will not provide player accounts for tournament participants.

Competition structure

  • Tournament will be 32 player double-elimination best-of-three bracket. Maximum participants will be one player per academy. Seeding will be random.
  • Matches will be played with conquest format with 1 ban, which means that all players will be submitting 3 decks using different classes.
  • When a player wins a game, the deck used by winning player cannot be used for remainder of the match.
  • The losing player can keep the same deck or switch to different deck of their choice.

General rules

  • Players can take notes on piece of paper. Usage of all electrical devices will result in automatic disqualification.
  • List of banned cards can be found on
  • Players must at all times observe the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship. Players are required to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner in their interactions with other competitors, Tournament organizers, members of the administration team, the media, sponsors, and fans.
  • All forms of cheating is prohibited and will be penalized by tournament administrators
  • Tournament organizers hold rights to do rulings not listed in this document. Rulings will be based on Blizzard’s official hearthstone tournament rules.