Rules for 7-a-side Football 

Time and place

  • May 16, 2020
  • Kisapuisto, 15140 Lahti


  • A match is played between two teams. There should be seven (7) players, including the goal keeper, on the field at any one time.  
  • Maximum number of players in a team for any one game is ten (10).  
  • Maximum number of officials per team is two (2). 

Equipment and Kit 

  • Teams should have their own balls for warm-ups. 
  • It is the teams’ responsibility to have their own jerseys in two different colors 
  • Jersey number of the player must be visible on the jersey. 


  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed as long as the referee is made aware of the changes.  

General Playing Rules 

The official rules of FIFA are followed with the following exceptions: 

  • There are no off-sides. 
  • Red card (for direct and for one followed by two yellow cards) leads into a one match suspension.
  • Goal kicks or  goalkeepers’ throws must touch the ground before crossing the center line.

Duration of the Match 

  • Each game will be 2 x 25min long.  
  • Each team will play up to a maximum of three (3) matches per day. 


In group stage matches: win = 3 points, tie = 1 point, and loss = 0 point. 

If two or more teams reach the same amount of points in group stage, the final position is decided as follows: 

  • Goal difference from the matches played among the teams in question 
  • Goals scored in the matches played among the teams in question 
  • Goal difference from all group stage matches 
  • Goals scored in all group stage matches 
  • Draw 

A tie in knockout matches is followed by 3 penalty shots. 

Organizers are not responsible for the insurance of the participants.  

Organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to these rules.