Rules of Mölkky

Time and place

  • May 15, 2020
  • Kisapuisto, 15140 Lahti

The followed rules are dictated by International Mölkky Organisation: 


  • The pins are numbered from 1 to 12. Pin doesn’t count as knocked down if the pin leans onto another pin or onto mölkky even a little.  After the throw the knocked down pins are lifted back up at the place they fell. In the case of a pin touching a concrete object, the pin is to be moved the length of the “throwing log” away from the obstacle. 
  • Throwing style is free. 

  • Amount of points for a throw:  
    • If just one pin gets knocked down, the points = the number on the pin.  
    • If several pins are knocked down, the points = the number of pins that got knocked down. 
  • If the team is left without any points after three consecutive throws, the team is ruled as lost the round by 50-0.  The game ends when the first team reaches exactly 50 points. If the amount of points of the round exceed over 50 points, the team drops back to 25 points. 

The sides of Mölkky arc are to be set in a 45-degree angle. 

Throwing (incorrect performance is ruled as overstepping) 

  • The throw is the be done behind the mölkky arc, and exit is directly backwards after the throw. 
  • The thrower nor the throwing log cannot touch the mölkky arc. 
  • The throwing turn is used when the throwing log touches the ground. 

 (If the team has 37 points or over, overstepping drops the points back to 25 points) 

An addition to the rules starting from 28.1.2017 

Throwing on the wrong turn: 

  • If a team or a player throws on wrong turn, the throw is ruled as blank/a line. However if the points are 37 or over, the team or the player drops to 25 points. 
  • If the next throws managed to be thrown, there is no punishment for wrong turn throw. 
  • After the wrong throw the throwing turn returns immediately back to the right one. 
  • The team/player must take care of their own throwing order. 

The games are played with the official TacTic’s mölkky set. The pack is to be made 3 to 4 meters distance from the throwing area. In the official matches the distance is 3,5m. The game turn order can be arranged in many ways. For an example in one-on-one game the starter is decided by raffling and the winner of the raffle decides which one starts, and the next round is started by other team/contestant. When there are multiple teams playing together, all the teams start on their own turn.

In the case of points being even, the placement is decided by:

  1. Mutual matches
  2. The rounds of mutual matches
  3. Little points of mutual matches
  4. All rounds of all matches
  5. Little points of all matches
  6. Raffle

In the case of points being even, the draw can be settled by Mölkuti (quick game deciding the winner). When comparing the rounds and the little points, first comes the subtraction of the points at issue, then the amounts.

Mölkky Organisation preserves the right to interpret and change these given rules.